Christoph Mewes

Software Engineer – passionate about clean code, infrastructure engineering and software maintenance. Likes Go, Kubernetes, micro electronics and movies.

Recent Projects

Sometimes my personal code seems good enough to open-source it, so here's a list of noteworthy things I have created. It will quickly become obvious that I have a real talent for naming my projects, too.

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Minor Tools

I have also written a number of smaller ad-hoc tools. They are not as fully matured as my other projects, but still useful nonetheless.

gimps Go
The Go Import Sorter – make sure your Go import statements are consistently grouped and aliased throughout your project.
GitHub Releases Notifier GitHub Slack
Get notifications for new releases of your favorite GitHub repositories right into your Slack workspace.
pkiplot GitHub Mermaid Kubernetes
pkiplot (pronounced pikaplot) reads all your cert-manager Issuers, ClusterIssuers and Certificates and generates a nice Mermaid diagram representing your PKI.
Kube Nukem Kubernetes
Nuke CRDs and all objects from a Kubernetes cluster; for when you do not care about finalizers and just want to totally remove a CRD with brute force.
prow-aliases-syncer Prow GitHub
Will scan a GitHub organization for repositories and then update Prow’s OWNERS_ALIASES file in each repository/branch to match the current GitHub teams of your organization.
Prow Exporter Prow Kubernetes Prometheus CI
Export Prometheus metrics for Prow jobs; great for gaining an insight in how much load your CI cluster experiences.
AWS Exporter AWS Prometheus
Export Prometheus metrics for the AWS cloud resources you’re using. See at a glance how many EC2 instances or LoadBalancers you are paying for.
GitHub Exporter GitHub Prometheus
Export Prometheus metrics for pull requests, issues, milestones and repositories on GitHub.
txtidy will remove trailing whitespace, UTF BOMs and trailing newlines from any file or files in any directory. Great to mass clean up files before checking them into a SCM repository.
promptomatic Shell
Using zsh to make my own terminal prompt quickly became an unmaintainable nightmare and incredibly slow, so promptomatic is a Go rewrite: a small, portable, extremely opinionated prompt for – probably – just me.